Saturday, May 1, 2010

Gotta Grab That Chicken Skin!!!

Today is sweltering hot. I crave for cold cheng teng, green bean soup... anything to make me cool down. If May is the moon, then I am the sun. Why do I say so? Unlike her, I can't eat heaty food like chocolate. I do not have favourite food, but once in a while, I'll crave for food to cool my body down. e.g. barley and green bean soup.

I do not have favourite foods. When I was young, I used to crave for steamed chicken skin. In those days, chicken tasted so sweet. It doesn't help that there were six people in the family and we only got to eat chicken during festive seasons. My siblings and I would fight for every piece of chicken skin. Well, that was in the past.
Today, I saw the coffeeshop uncle eating breakfast this morning. He was biting on a roasted duck drumstick and some oil dripped onto his plate. He had roasted pork on his plate too. Looking at him made me shudder with disgust. I used to be like that too. What I am today is what I ate yesterday. We blame viruses and God when it comes to us falling sick, but we play a great part in causing our poor health through our diet and lifestyle.

I had lost my health before, and I have rediscovered that one important way to good health is through our nutrition. Medicine may help us numb our pain or cure our symptoms. The best doctor is in ourselves. May and I would like to share health bits in this blog. We hope you can add on your comments and share your views too. :O)

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