Sunday, May 30, 2010


Being healthy is not only about food and exercise. Surrounded by things that you love can help a person stay healthy too. Look at those playful Doraemons, they are all over my house and I am not at all feel lonely. The big Doraemon sits on my bed. He smiles at me 24/7. Look at that wonderful smile. They are just simply adorable.

Besides watching my diet and exercising regularly, I love placing things that I love around me cos looking at them make me happy. Home should be filled with things that you love so as to keep and maintain the "love" energy at home.

I have jigsaw puzzles hanging on my wall too and a few posters of inspirational quotes as well. These inspiraton quotes smoothe my path, make my life easier and strengthen my thoughts. 

Therefore, I am rich from within...  

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