Monday, April 19, 2010

Everyday's a chocolate day...

I am a chocolate lover. I eat chocolates every day and those chocolates in the photo are mine! :o). However, I eat it moderately. Do you know our immune system does amazing work that you can ever imagine?

I am a health conscious person. I love chocolates and wonder if I can ever live without it. Can a chocolate a day keep the doctor away :0)? Wish it could.

For me, I eat less meat, more vegetables and plain water. My favourite foods are fish, toufu and vegetables. My favourite drinks are plain water, iced milo and mango red tea. Occasionally, beer and wine. My favourite beer is "Give that man a tiger beer" and wine is "Brachetto D'acqui", Italy.

I have quit eating pork, beef and mutton, and barely eat chicken. As an animal lover, I think I should not eat them. However, when occasion sets in, like family gatherings, I would want to be part of my family, eating the same food with them but only fish and prawns.

Religion is a sensitive topic. I don't want to touch on that and all I can say is, I highly repect all religion. I give thanks everyday.

Let's see what's Mel eating habit in our next blog.